Group Buy rules

  1. Every group buy deal has next options:

Regular price – price of the particular product on MQL5 site. Can be increased or decreased if it`s increased or decreased on MQL5 site

Group buy price – price that every participant will pay to participate in group deal. It will be fixed all the time and will not change.

Min deals – minimum nimber of slots (participants) that will be enough to redeem product from MQL5 site.

Max deals per user – the most interesting thing here. Every participant if he wants that group buy will be finished faster can redeem more that 1 slot (total slots is equal to Min deals). Every slot price is fixed and will not be changed.

If group buy deal will not be finished to date – group buy deal will be disfigured and all participants will get money back minus payment gateway comission ( e.g. PayPal charges 5% commission, so if you paid $25 you will get refund $23.75)

No one can leave group buy deal before it will reach it`s time end.

Product will be activated under OUR MQL5 account on OUR VPS. You will get ex4 or ex5 file that will work only on yours VPS!!! VPS must be modified!!! Read Instructions!

Products from Group Buy deals ARE NOT compatible with modified VPS for products from other categories!!! Group buy products need SEPARATE VPS!!!