VPS Modification Service


If you want to use Unlimited products on modified VPS or if you want to use Unlimited for VPS products on your own VPS instead of buying Premodified VPS – this service is for you.

YOUR VPS MUST BE WINDOWS SERVER 2008/2012/2016/2016 AND from this list of providers:
contabo.com, beeksgroup.com, vultr.com, alibabacloud.com, cloud.tencent.com, w2cloud.com, pivps.com, minivps.com.br, solvps.com, zomro.com, hostingsource.com, tailormadeservers.com, virmach.com, digitalforex.com, fxvm.net, vpsserver.com

You will have to provide to our support team VPS access credentials: VPS IP address, Login and password for Remote Desktop connection ONLY (not Ammyadmin or Anydesk!). VPS will be rebooted ONCE.
We are not responsible for any losses if you will not make sure that VPS is in supported list! If you VPS IS NOT in supported list – modification WILL NOT TAKE EFFECT! 

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